With Thanksgiving just a few days away, can Black Friday be far off? You know what this means: Shopping and other holiday activities will consume so much of your time, regular exercise will be put on the back burner – or forgotten altogether.

“During this time of year, our lives can get very hectic, so workout routines can get disrupted or ignored,” says, David Knapp owner of Princeton Adventure BootCamps. “It‟s easy to say, “a few weeks without exercise won’t harm me” or I’ll catch up after the New Year’s.‟However, it will be more difficult to re-start exercising later, when you might have a few post-holiday pounds to lose. And, by the way, running from store to store is NOT exercise!”

Although finding time for regular workouts may be a challenge during the holidays, there are ways to stay on track – it’s all a matter of good planning and motivation David  says.

He suggests these 6 steps to holiday fitness:

  • Try a bit of visualization. Imagine yourself on January 1 – and beyond – after not having exercised for several weeks. How much heavier will you be? How much harder / longer will you have to work out to lose all the weight that piled on during the holidays? Often, when you think of the consequences of your actions ahead of time, that will be all the motivation you’ll need to keep exercising!”
  • Break your usual exercise routine into a couple of small sessions throughout the day. For example, two or three 10-15-minute workouts may be more manageable than an hour-long session.
  • Exercise in the morning. It may mean getting up earlier than usual, but at least you’ll be done for the day. Plus, you’ll be more energized for all the other activities. Another possibility is to use part of your lunch hour for a mini-workout; even a short session is better than none.
  • Choose the right type of exercise. Use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which is shorter in duration, but extremely effective at burning fat and keeping you in shape.
  • Ban all the “But I don’t have time” excuses. Don’t fall into a trap of coming up with reasons why you can’t work out. Tell yourself right now that exercise is an important part of your day and keeps you energized for all the other activities.
  • Work out with a buddy or in a group. Statistics show that people who exercise with a friend or in a group are more successful at exercising consistently. Make a pact with friends to encourage each other should one of you feel like slacking off.

Following all these points “will help even the busiest people keep up with their exercise routines,” David notes. “When all the holiday bustle is over, they’ll be glad they did!”

About PRINCETON ADVENTURE BOOTCAMP –A  personal trainer, Dave Knapp, launched Princeton Adventure Boot Camp  in February of 2007 and specializes in weight loss for women and men. Schedules and client testimonials are available at www.PrincetonBootCamps.com. Dave a certified fitness boot camp instructor with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, can be reached at Princetonbootcamps@yahoo. Or 888-402-2267

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