Why Play Tennis?

You just want to look and feel fit, and work up a sweat while you’re at it. The treadmill? Too boring. Lifting weights? Ditto. Golf?  Riding around in a cart and tapping a little ball into a hole is the quickest way to get OUT of shape. What sport will give your body and mind a workout while letting you enjoy the excitement of head-to head competition, all in the time that it takes to watch the first half of a football game?

There’s only one, and that’s tennis.

Tennis…Where Fun and Fitness Meet

A great social outlet, not to mention an all-over workout burning an average 498 calories an hour, tennis is where fun and fitness meet. This is probably why so many adults are returning to the sport, or picking it up for the first time in their 20s, 30s and even 60s. And sticking with it.

Whether you play with your best friend once a week, in a weekend league or with your family, tennis provides a time-efficient, enjoyable way to get in shape and keep up with the people in your life and community.

There’s also no better activity to help you achieve core strength, a flat stomach, flexibility and heart health. Nobody knows more about the human heart than The Cleveland Clinic Heart Center, home to some of the world’s leading cardiac physicians. Ranked No. 1 in America*, the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center recommends tennis as an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Networking at Net

Did you know tennis is also the ultimate “contact sport”? The modern alternative to the old-boy network golf course, there’s no easier way to get to know someone—socially or for business—than to trade forehands or match strategic wits on the court. So get your game on today!

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