Tennis a Game of Love

Petra Dorsch, Tennis Professional with Wendy Herzog, Poet

Tennis is a game of love
One where the ball flies up above…
You try and hit it over the net
And play the point, beating your opponent

You practice playing all the time
Your backhands, not forehands are the crime
So every lesson you will take
A backhand, a forehand, a serve to make
Will help you in your game you’ll see
It’s just a matter of time it will be

You’ll be triumphant in one set
You’ll start to play at the net
Before you know it you’ll have success
Your tennis game won’t be a mess

All your practice will have paid
Now your forehands & backhands are perfectly replayed
You sweep and turn just right you’ll see
Your tennis ground strokes are targeted for me

Now tennis is a game of love
So remember the voice from up above
“Play like no ones watching you”
“Don’t play like you are new”
“Keep your eye on the ball”
And remember to stand tall
Most important rule of course
Remember to watch your serving toss

Keep these rules in your mind
And then you will definitely find
You will hit the ball over the net
And be an ace I just bet!

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