Can Novac Djokovic Win the French Open? Sharapova is BACK

All indicators are saying YES he can.  After a flawless beginning to 2011 and last week’s victory in Rome on clay against Nadal, it seems like nothing is standing in his way.  He appears fit and able to withstand the heat but can he win a 5 setter on the red clay?  If he plays they way he has been, he might not need to find out – straight sets all the way to the championships. 

On the woman’s side Maria Sharapova has found her legs on clay.  Yes, I did say Maria Sharapova.  Her confidence is high, her consistency is improving and her power is matched by no other.  With Kim Clijsters coming back after an injury, the Williams sisters watching from the sidelines and Wozniacki losing confidence, my money is on Maria – she has the fire back in her eyes so watch out!

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