Technical Tennis Tips from Gino: INSIDE-OUT FOREHAND

When you are struggling with your backhand or your forehand is your strength, you may want to consider an inside-out forehand. This is when the receiver is standing on the ad side and runs around to avoid hitting a backhand, and instead returns the ball with the forehand. For most players, the forehand is stronger than the backhand. Inside-out forehands allow for more topspin, especially if the majority of your shots have been flat backhands.  

Inside-out forehands, if disguised well, can execute a very powerful shot. If your opponent has recognized that your backhand is in fact weaker than your forehand and keeps pounding to your backhand, try the inside-out return. This deadly shot allows a player to deliver a powerful but precise cross-court shot that is extremely difficult to return.

About the Author:

Gino Carosella is the Director of Adult Programs at the Nassau Tennis Club in Skillman, NJ. 

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