Technical Tennis Tips from Gino: Swinging Volley

An opponent pops the ball high, and in that instant you need to decide what shot to hit. Should you let the ball bounce or take it out of the air? Should you hit an overhead or a volley? When should you hit a swinging volley like many of the pros on tour are hitting these days? What should you do?

First, try not to let it bounce. Move into the court and take the ball out of the air giving your opponent less time to react.

Second, measure where the ball is relative to you. If the ball is higher than your head, try an overhead. But, if it is right at your head or shoulder level, get your feet set for a swinging volley. You should remain in an open or semi-open stance as you approach the ball. Make sure you are balanced so that you can execute with more power.

As you hit the ball, aim for the middle of the court and make sure to put a lot of power behind it. This results in less error. The swinging volley is a very aggressive shot and should keep your opponents from putting any balls high. Players who wish to integrate the swinging volley into their game can do so by being patient and begin recognizing when it’s the right time to use this specialized shot.

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