Video Tennis Analysis: A Great Teaching Tool

Using video to teach tennis is an extremely useful tool for the coach and the player.  It can be applied to improve skills, refine stroke technique, as well as correct court positioning and movement.  Some of the benefits of using video technology on the tennis court include:

  • Complete View: Video allows your coach to see things they may have missed with the naked eye.  Tennis is a dynamic sport and most skills in the game are performed at speed. Reviewing your video will allow your coach to see every aspect of your game.
  •  Slow motion replay: Video can be shown in slow motion or paused to break down your strokes, movement and court positioning.
  • Self-visualization:  Has your coach ever told you were hitting the ball late and you thought he or she was wrong?  Video will allow you to see what your coach is seeing.
  • Tracking performance:  Video can be a very useful tool for tracking any changes that occur so you can reinforce the changes you are trying to make and provide positive feedback to the player as their game improves.

More and more tennis professionals are using video analysis to help players improve their game. Video analysis can be very useful for both adult and junior players.  Ask your club if they can use video in their clinics and private lessons.  The answer may surprise you.

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