Tennis Tips for Making the Transition from Indoors to Outdoors!

For all of us who have braved the cold weather and endless snow this winter, changing our grips as we scraped our windshields, holding our feet steady on the ice , and yearning for that sun to shine…Spring time is almost here!

Playing the game inside all year, players will have some difficulties making the transition to outdoor tennis. A lot of things change in the game
because of the elements of Mother Nature. Here are a few tips to help
you make the transition.

Go practice your serve…..

You’ve heard this from every pro you’ve taken lessons from, but don’t take it for granted. If you serve well, there is a great chance you’ll play well. Your confidence will be stronger and your opponents will feel more pressure. This will also give you easier opportunities to hit higher percentage shots.  So, grab a basket of balls and serve away!

Move your feet….

Go onto a court and run the lines or do some suicides. Get used to running in your new element. My old coach use to say, “Avoid defeat with quicker feet.” The game is about movement and if your feet are in the right position, you will have a better chance of hitting the correct shot.

Focus, Focus, Focus….

With all the new elements, our surroundings are not fixed anymore.  We’re not closed in by walls, curtains, and heat lamps. There are more distractions that will throw you off your game like the sun, wind and trees. If you take a few deep breaths, slow down and give your body a chance to adjust you will straighten out your game quicker.

These little tips will help you play at your best when heading to the outdoor
courts. And remember, it’s always better than going to work.

Good luck and enjoy the sun….

About the Author

Tony Pizzuli is a USPTA Certified Professional coaching at the Nassau Tennis Club


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